Occasionally it Happens

There is no question in my mind that running can be an up-and-down thing. And I’m not just talking about the hills.

We are nine weeks into training for the Dumbo Double Dare in California. The training schedule is pretty reasonable. Most weeks involve two 45-minute runs through the week, then a longer run on the weekend. At this point in the training, we run back to back runs every other weekend to prepare us to run the back to back 10K and Half.

This weekend, I happened to be in Atlanta for a conference. So I ran my 45-minute run on Friday, then my 6K early on Sunday morning, with plans to run 15K with Barb on Monday night. We chose the evening to avoid the worst of the heat and humidity.

I proceeded to have one of my Worst. Runs. Ever. But sometimes that happens. I had been dreading that run, hadn’t hydrated properly, hadn’t slept much (flight delays from Atlanta), etc. When I finished (after bathroom stops and walking almost all the last 2K), my calves started seizing in the shower, I had a fever, and my stomach was a complete mess. I downed a bottle of PowerAde and went to bed. I slept for 7 hours straight (which is not normal for me).

But I finished the distance. It didn’t kill me. I feel fine today. I’m chalking it up to a perfect storm of a virus, the humidity and dehydration. Bad runs happen. And I don’t have to do it again for two weeks.

And my 45 minute run on Wednesday is going to feel like a cake walk.

Keep running (even when it completely rots!)


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