Heart to Heart in the Park

My schedule got a little out of control on Tuesday, and Barb and I couldn’t connect for our 45-minute training run. We agreed (promised) that we would run separately. Barb managed to knock her run off early in the day, but I was in and out of meetings, and resigned myself to running in the evening (following a volunteer Board meeting). Mark suggested that I run with Madison, and that he would run with Gabrielle, and the whole family could get a run in. That sounded like a great idea.

Needless to say, by the time I got home from my meeting at 7:45, I didn’t feel much like running. And despite my promise to Barb that I absolutely, positively was going to do that Tuesday run, I was pretty much ready to call it a day. But when I walked into the house, Madison and Gabrielle were already in running gear, raring to go. I had no choice – no “out”. They were my little motivators.

Madi and I had a great run. She was feeling conflicted about having to choose between performing in her school musical and performing in the year end show at Atlantic Cirque. (Thankfully her dance recital is a week earlier – that was a huge issue last year…) So we talked about it. For 45 minutes we ran, and we talked. About her decision. About the impending end of elementary school. About “stuff”. The thing about talking while running is that there’s no eye contact. Madison was able to just talk, without the awkwardness of having to sit across the table, or the living room, and look at me. I really think I’ve just stumbled upon the best way to have a conversation with your pre-teen.

(As an aside, I also find it amusing that when you run with children, they have to stop and pet every cute puppy in the park.)

So if there are big things happening in your son’s or daughter’s life (or even if all is well) take him/her out for a little run, and find out what’s on his/her mind. I’m glad I did.

Yours in Running,


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